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Welcome to the official

Allday Family Reunion

website !!

In case you haven't heard, you're having a party!!! 

When:  Saturday, May 24, 2008

(Memorial Day Weekend)

Where:  John & Cheryl's

158 Midbury Hill Road, Newbury Park, Ca 91320

Time:  2 PM to 8 PM (plus or minus)


This website is designed to be a dynamic, always changing website!  To do so however it needs one thing:  YOU.  As you will see on the next pages, this website has lots of room -- and need -- for input from everyone. 

Please look over the following pages and dig deep into your archives (and memories) and send us what you want to share.  

Anyone have any ideas for additional topics?  Pass them on!

As we receive additional information, we will add it, so please keep checking back to see what your relatives have provided!!!


Are you coming ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 

Please let everyone know.  Email us at allday@earthlink.net, and we'll place your answer right here:

-- Joyce & Mark . . . . . Yes!

-- Amanda & Bill . . . . . Yes!

-- David . . . . . Yes!

-- Jim and Joan . . . .Yes!

-- Judi . . .  Yes, along with her friend Clay

-- Erin - Yes, and bringing San Franciso Sourdough bread with her!

-- Liana . . . Her plane arrives Saturday morning!!  Yeah!!!

-- Harold & Dottie:  "We'll be there!"  Great!

-- Juanita.  "Definitely."

-- Harold Kammermeyer - Yes.  Delcia - no

-- Jason, Kristi & kids -- Garret is going to the playoffs, so they will not be able to attend.

-- Tom - Yes.  Debby - no.

-- John & Cheryl -- Yes (or maybe we'll just leave the keys under the door)

-- Carol -- With deep regret, Carol cannot get away from Florida. 

( 1 !!! ) day!!  
as in TOMORROW!!!     


Cheryl and John will be serving spare ribs and barbecued chicken.  We will also provide the drinks.  Some of you have offered to bring other dishes.  That is very much appreciated!!  Those wishing to do so, please pick from the following list and send me an email so I can update this list.

    Amanda & Bill  raw vegetable plate and dip

    __________  raw vegetable plate and dip

    Joyce & Mark   chips and dip

    __Juanita__  chips and dip

    Jim & Joan   potato salad

    Joyce & Mark   green salad

    __________  other salad ???

    Dottie & Harold baked beans

    __________  vegetable dish - corn on the cob or ???

    __________  other vegetable dish ???

    ___Erin___  bread - garlic and/or non-garlic

    Jim & Joan   dessert - homemade ice cream

    _   David___  David is bringing a wild and crazy assortment of sodas so we can make floats



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And if you want to print or save any of these photos for your own use, the copies on this website are probably not the best versions for this purpose because most have been reduced in digital size so they can be stored on the website.  They are fine for viewing on a computer screen, but if you want to blow one up to a full size print, it would probably be fuzzy.  If you want one for this purpose, email John and he will send you the full size version if he has it.   
NOTE:  5/13/2008:  After the reunion I will put high resolution copies of the pictures on this website onto discs and send them to anyone who would like one.            ...John
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